5 Marketing Tricks To Help You Stand Out In Trade Shows

Trade shows and exhibitions are excellent marketing tactics that can help you gain followers and improve your sales prospect. It can aid on improving your brand awareness and help you gather customers that can be potential leads.

But putting up a booth is not enough to gain traction for your business. In fact, you need to put in more effort and devote time to ensure that you will be ahead of the game when you participate in trade shows. Here are some tips you can follow to help you win the trade show marketing game:

  1. Make your booth a stand out

In most cases, booths will look like identical cubicles and compartments. It is hard to determine which will be your booth. To avoid potential booth customers from confusing your booth from other exhibition booths, be sure that your booth looks and feels different from the others. Try consulting with exhibition stand builders in Dubai for ideas about exhibition booths and stand designs.

  1. Do pre-promotions

Although trade shows already have a ready audience through participants that already pre-registered to attend the event, it wouldn’t hurt to invite your followers to come and check out your booth. Your loyal followers can help create a hype and drive more visitors to your site. You can do an event buildup and inform your followers about your upcoming participation in trade shows. Try to build the excitement by providing tidbits of information about your preparation.

  1. Roam around the space

Booth staff and employees usually stays in their booths waiting for the visitors to come. But this practice will not get you the audience that you need. Ask your staff to move around the area and promote the area. This would help you cover all areas. This would be very helpful, especially if your booth is located in a concealed area.

  1. Polish your follow up process

Most business owners concentrate on creating a visually appealing booth that they entirely forgot creating a follow up process for their warm leads. Be sure to keep your warm leads warm by making contact with them three days after the event. This would help you to be on top of mind of potential clients.

  1. Befriend the right people

Trade shows are meant to connect with potential buyers but with potential business partners as well. Mingle and try to befriend board members who might offer you assistance for your next trade show participation.

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