5 Summer Fitness Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight

A lot of people do intense body preps so they can look good during summer. They spent months on doing fitness routines and following strict diet regimens. But for those who don’t have the time to polish their pre-summer fitness goals, there are still ways shave off some pounds and look good for the sunny days. Here’s how:

  1. Enroll in a class

If you can spare some time during your busy schedule to get into a certain fitness routine, why not try to enroll in a fitness class. There are lots of dance and Muay Thai classes in Dubai that you might be interested on attending. These classes can help you lose some weight while still having fun. Some people find it more motivating to do exercises when they are with a crowd. They feel more inspired to push through with their fitness goals knowing that they have some people cheering for them on the sidelines.


  1. Take an alcohol break


Summer is definitely a time to be merry, but you might want to pace yourself when drinking alcohol. Fitness experts say that taking an alcohol break might help you to lose weight faster. Drinking alcohol can trigger the insulin resistance of your body which can lead to weight gain. Some of these drinks have less nutritional value and are loaded with sugar. Try to lessen your alcohol intake.


  1. Patrol your food intake


Summer treats are everywhere and when you are strolling the beach, it is tempting to go for a binge to make up for the hunger of walking. If you are keen on losing weight, it would be best to watch out the amount of your food intake. Try to lessen the servings to prevent eating too much. Even when you are hungry, eat is small portions but do it more often.


  1. Be mindful of your caffeine sweets


Coffee itself is not bad for the body, but the confectionaries that you put on it might be culprit behind your weight gain. Be sure to check if the milk you are using for your coffee. Be sure to use low fat milk instead of your usual dairy.


  1. Let go of the juice


Juices are the perfect drinks to quench your thirst, especially during hot seasons like summer. But it can also cause weight gain since it is loaded with sugar. Try to lessen your juice intake. Or you can try the alternative – eat a fruit and drink water afterwards.

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