Information about post-tensioning

If you don’t know already, post tensioning is one of the most revolutionary techniques in the construction industry. Post tensioning not only reduces the amount of time, money and efforts at a construction site but also allow engineers and builders to come up with new and unique design ideas. It is because of post tension concrete that such marvelous structures turn into reality having a complex design to amaze anyone who see them.

One of the major advantages of post tensioning is that it provides you with the ability to create much thinner concrete blocks that could resist immense load and pressure having a longer size at the same time. One of the most common examples of such post tension concrete blocks is the long, thin and strong bridge sections that we see crossing a bridge construction site.

One of the biggest problems in working with concrete is that it is not good enough alone to hold the load that it is supposed to carry. It will not take long for concrete to start cracking that results as a weak structure to use heavy loads. Engineers solved this problem by adding steel rods and bars to the concrete to minimize cracks in concrete structures. Although it reduced the size of cracks but could not prove to be a good solution to stop them at the first place.

Finally, post tensioning solved the problem effectively, this contributed as the beginning of a new era in construction industry. Post tensioning provided engineers a source of effective reinforcement for the concrete. One of the key functions of post tensioning is to provide compression to those parts of a concrete structure, where there is a high tensile stress due to heavy load.

Post tensioning has helped every area of construction with its benefits. It has allowed engineers create bridges and passages for a much less cost that would had incurred without post tensioning. It has also provided them with more strength and durability than ever before. On the other hand, it has allowed builders to construct buildings on a great pace by reducing their efforts, materials and money on constructing support columns from floor to floor. Using post tensioning they can easily build large floors without adding support columns for strength and support. In case, you are planning to start a new construction project, you might also be interested knowing about the best drilling companies in Dubai.