Marketing Strategies for Ladies-Only Gyms

Starting a fitness club is not a joke, especially if you are planning to open a ladies-only gym in Dubai where you want identical membership and participation comparatively other gyms. Ladies are generally more prompt and aware about health and fitness regime. They are more particular about their weight and health. After analyzing current gym standards and establishing up-to-the-mark gym with all the necessary and complementary facilities, it is very important to utilize some marketing strategies to attain ladies’ interest. The following marketing strategies are designed according to Dubai-based ladies’ interests and preferences.

  1. Determine Needs and Requirements: Ladies-only gym owner should understand the needs and requirements of the Dubai-based ladies, who can be a working woman, a mother, or a fashion figure. Defining a unique strategy to promote your gym with your targeted audience is the main thing. If the gym is located near offices, the offers should be attractive for the working ladies. Child-care facility, appropriate timings, pregnant ladies special parental training classes, or any exclusive quality of your gym in terms of offers, services or any other kind might distinguish you from other nearby gyms.
  2. Extra Features: Why one should choose your gym? The answer will help you design a marketing strategy. The differentiating points and amenities which make you superior from your competitors can be utilized for establishing your advertisement. Spa and jacuzzi, sauna bath facility, experience of your personal trainers, equipment quality, and assurance of weight loss optimal target are quite attractive features to promote your gym.
  3. Avail Event Management Tool: Many sole proprietors and entrepreneurs use event organization strategy to catch the attention of their target audience. So why not to use the same for your gym? During the event you can offer many discount schemes, free memberships, free trial opportunity, and orientation class with your experienced trainers to make them experience the special flavor of your gym. You can also demonstrate your new equipment utilities, create mini presentations about fitness and weight loss management plans and facilities that discriminate you from others.
  4. Ask for Recommendation: It is possible that you have started your gym without any promotions and few clients are enrolled to your gym without additional efforts. But it is not enough to continue gym business like that. Equipment obsolete and depreciate over the time and gym needs maintenance too. So it is important to promote your gym for continued business. Satisfied clients are your passive marketing agents who don’t demand any marketing fees but get encouragement if you provide additional incentives for their efforts. Personal recommendations, single new client introduction, and positive comments on social networking sites need few percent of investment in terms of perks but effect very hugely on your business.

There can be many other marketing strategies to promote your business which are less costly but worth utilizing. Hiring the best personal trainers in Dubai itself has a huge impact on gym quality and standards advertisement.