Auto mechanic in Abu Dhabi should have a strong physical appearance as well as the strong mental abilities. No doubt that a motor mechanic should know about the machinery of a vehicle working and for this he has to have a great memory and problem solving abilities but it is also important that he has to be physically strong too. He need to open and close bolts and joints, has to observe under the heavy parts and for all this he need to be strong. To know more about the need of physical stability of a mechanic you need to visit the website or see this:

Stamina: First thing is that they should have the stamina to work over longer periods of time as sometimes there will be more work load and they have to work days and night for several days. If they do not have that stamina then they will be unable to work.

Working under pressure: Sometimes when there is a lot of work to do in a short deadline then people will find it difficult to work and their body will unable to do anything. A good mechanic is the one who can work easily under pressure and his body will not shut off against the pressure of work. Sometimes there came many customers who insist to repair their cars within few hours then you have to work on all of them and repair.

Flexible: A mechanic’s body needs to be more flexible than others as they have to go down the places of the cars for examining them. If they do not have the flexibility then they will be unable to reach to the problem sites and in turn they will be unable to repair the car fully which will ruin their image in the eyes of their customers.

Strength: A good mechanic needs to have a greater strength especially of his upper body because he has to use a lot of different kinds of heavy tools while working. They need to open and shut the bolts with strength of their upper body. It doesn’t mean that a mechanic has to be a body builder, no but he should have more strength and he should also know that how to utilize that strength in a good manner.

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