The word vegan has recently hit the market. Vegans are people or a category of people who eat vegetables only for the rest of their lives. The actual basis of being a vegan is to save animal from extinction. Since, from the last decade our planet has lost more than 30 species of animals including birds and water creatures. The idea of being a vegan is good but there are people who need meat in their loves. There are many discussions going in different countries to stop hurting animals for just for the sake of filling up their tummies. Vegans end up fighting with each other if they see people doing barbeque.

There was petition is America that the manufacturing dollar notes should be changed because the ingredient of the dollar notes included different part of pig like their skin and to make the note shiny, it had oil made up of pig’s fat. Many people around the world signed the petition online, it also went to different courts but it didn’t change a thing in the manufacturing because the manufacturers are doing this since ages. Although, they had a point but they couldn’t do much. But still there are many appeals in the courts that have a hearing but all seems to going in vain.

Vegans have also claimed that people who become vegans are healthier as compared to people who eat meat of regular basis. But the people who are not vegan say that vegans as weak as a matchstick. At the same time, both category of people has weak and strong people. People think that being a vegan is cheap but vegans do not also except inorganic vegetables and inorganic vegetables have catalysts and these catalysts have some quantity of other animal’s parts. Vegan people also don’t take medicines because again in the making of medicines, animals play a vital role. They have everything food item different.

Vegans have vegan restaurants all over the country but in gulf countries specially in the UAE there are very little of them. And if you are in UAE, it is the country of serving the best meat items for you and if you are vegan you will have difficult time in finding your kind of restaurants. But still you can get vegan or order cakes in Dubai and if you have a wedding you can also get vegan wedding cake in Dubai.

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