Architectural engineering is a study of engineering which have more than one system knowledge in it. In this study architects in Dubai will learn to have technical knowledge about the buildings along with that they have to learn about the basic designs of buildings. This is very important to know for them and that’s why they will get more pay for their work because their work is quite complicated. Once they will get to know about all the things and completed their degree then they can get a good job in civil construction company in Dubai. To get to know more about further fields in it you need to read here:

Structural: An engineer who is going to take admission in the structural engineering then he will going to study about how a building will get strength and steadiness. They have to make sure how tall a building will be and according to that how much weight it will have to bear. They need to get the estimate about the earth quack jerks. They will design about the foundations, beams and how and where to fit them. All the columns and walls will be designed by them to make sure about the firmness of the building along with that they will make sure that all these things will get along exactly with the original building design. 

Mechanical and electrical: People who want to get admission in mechanical and electrical engineering, they will learn about the heating and cooling system of the building because most of the high floored buildings will have to be centrally heated and cooled. These buildings will have to provide all the facilities to the people who will go to live inside. Electrical engineers will provide lighting system for the entire building before starting building it to make sure that all the wires will be underground and go with a proper map. This map is necessary and helps in the time when there will be any problem occurs and it has to be checked.

Construction: Students who have interest in construction side will go for this and they will make good and appropriate maps and build something which is safe and reliable to live in. They will be responsible for many other necessary things like the continuity of material delivery and working schedule of workers and equipment.

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