Stretch mark can appear on your skin on all body except for your neck and face because they get less fat than the other parts of the body. The word fat, we used here because this is the only reason that people get stretch marks, which means that the excessive expansion of body / skin will make the stretch marks to appear. This means that your skin is stretching just to adjust more mass in your body. This also happens to women who are pregnant, and get stretch marks on belly and hips and inner thighs. Men can also get stretch marks when they go through different surgeries or when they get fat.

There are many ways of getting rid of these stretch marks, because don’t like marks on their body and some want to them removed immediately because they think that it makes the body unattractive. But there are people who promote the stretch marks and say that it is natural but the number of people hating is more. And for that big number, laser therapy is introduced, there are a number of people who will tell you a lot of disadvantages of getting a laser therapy because it has different side effects. But let’s face it that it does have many but there are several advantages for getting as well.

Since you love your body and you are ready to face the side effects then you must go for it. But remember that these side effects can be overcome with the passage of time. The first advantage is that it is painless, while there are people who have said that they feel pain but that is for those who have a very sensitive and light skin. But people who have tough and hard skin don’t feel pain at all. Second benefit is that you will be able to see fast results. As compared to the crèmes, which is a very slow process and you have to try out different cremes, in such case, laser therapy is a good and fast treatment. Also, it is available for all skin types and colors. If you want to get the best and cheapest treatment then you have to try the best laser therapy for stretch marks removal in Dubai and they can also recommend the best Botox clinic in Dubai too.

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