Well, if you see someone planning a Dubai trip, chances are that you will be able to make a list of recommended places to visit. Of course, tourism is not all about visiting historic sites, rather it is also about spending time enjoying the trip. Factually, there are so many things to do in Dubai that you will have a hard time thinking what to do first and what not. With this in mind, you will likely start your trip and upon entering the city, and getting brochures of Dubai desert safari in hands, you would know where to start. Then there are parks, beaches, hotels and play land that offers fun for the whole family. With that in mind, these are a lot of places to visit during a short tour, you will likely start the trip thinking that it will help collect memories to cherish for life. It is true that being here in Dubai is an experience in itself. You are visiting an ancient desert city that has had a lot of history to it. Here is more on what you might need to know about your Dubai trip:

Taking necessary things

You are out in the sunshine most of the time during every trip unless it is at the night time. The desert dwellers, also known as desert safari lovers, are more likely to experience the immense heat of the desert as they are directly exposed to the weather. However, the arrangements made by trip organizers are quite amazing and you will likely not experience anything bad. Still, it only makes sense to take some precautions from your side.

Bash the dunes

Being in the desert out there in the heat is never easy even if you are sitting in a powerful, air-conditioned SUV. You may still experience the weather during the afternoon. However, those of you willing to take the night safari will likely not experience it as nights in the desert are pretty calm and chilling. You will also enjoy dune bashing at the night time every bit as much as those who did it in the broad daylight.


The dhow trip, as well as Musandam tours from Dubai, are amazing experiences in their own right, something you will cherish for the rest of your life and would want to do it over and over. Being in a dhow is quite fun, something you will realize once you are inside the dhow. This unique vessel will take you to the sea of Dubai. On your way, you will notice a lot of interesting things in the water. The Dubai skyline glitters at the nighttime as if there is nothing shinier and bright than it. Seeing it firsthand will likely make you realize how much fun you had missed in your life thus far.