If this is your first ever trip to Dubai, you deserve a big congratulation! Now that you are genuinely surprised, let us tell you why you were congratulated. Firstly, you took a great decision by choosing Dubai as you next tourist destination. The reasons for that are many, but know that this city is so full of life, entertainment, fun and excitement, that you will love to extend your trip for a few more days. The problem comes when people begin you enjoy the trip, they’ve already spent a lot of money and plenty of days into doing less exciting and to some extent, boring things. You didn’t go to Dubai to do all that instead you had plans to have a blast of tour. You will have the tour of your choice provided you follow the common sense tips we will discuss here. Remember, neither you have unlimited financial resources nor enough time in hand. Having a marginal quantity of both time and money, you need to take every step with caution if you are to make your trip memorable one. Here is more on what to do to get the best out of your ongoing Dubai trip:

Avoid Driving

The moment you land on Dubai international airport is the moment of truth. You realize what you’ve been missing in life. The airport itself is a marvel of modern construction and tells you what marvels may be heading your way during this trip. However, you need to make up your mind on one thing at least. When you visit a car rental service, ask for a chauffeur and never try to drive the car yourself. You don’t know the city, and the roads. You possibly don’t know traffic rules and how the traffic is here in Dubai. It is one of the busiest and heaviest traffics in the world. Try driving all you can but you cannot, so let your chauffeur handle the driving.


Not going to a hotel during your Dubai stay means you never had the real fun. So, do ask for hotels and book one as soon as you find one but keep one thing in mind. Try not to book a hotel that sits near an active construction site. Remember, construction sites in Dubai stay busy 24 hours a day. You will hear a lot of noise and will feel terrible.

If you don’t want to ruin your hoteling experience, never book one near a construction site, ask your guide more on this.

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